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Ari Ashari (Balikpapan)
Pembelian ke 3 dari dave komputer, harganya murah banget soalnya saya udah bandingin sama toko toko dan web web online, gak nyesal deh beli disini, dapat murah terus bisa nego pula. Thanks ya Dave , memang Recomended Seller deh

Denon DJ SC5000 Prime  large
Denon DJ SC5000 Prime
Code : Denon
Deskripsi :
Between its 7" multi-touch HD display and extensive dedicated controls, Denon's SC5000 Prime is one digital DJ deck that will never leave you wishing you had a dedicated controller instead. Just on the surface alone, you'll discover a full set of hands-on controls, including a full set of eight pads for cues, loops, slices, and rolls — something you rarely find on a media deck. The SC5000 Prime also unleashes the awesome power of Denon's Engine Prime software, which takes track organization to a whole new level. Top it off with uncompressed audio format support and a seriously cool HD display in the center of the textured jog wheel, and this is one media deck any professional DJ can get behind.


One SC5000 can perform as TWO players.
Advantage Denon DJ: Not only does the Engine Prime software analyze incoming music, the SC5000 Prime also analyzes music files on-the-fly saving the beatgrid, tempo, Serato Cue and musical key for later use. This process takes around 15 secs for a 7 min song.
Advantage Denon DJ: Layers allow the DJ to play 2 songs from separate outputs on one player - Like 2 players in one unit 

Advantage Denon DJ: Multitouch capacitive display reacts an iPad or phone allowing more tasks to be accomplished with gestures and faster on screen typing 

Advantage Denon DJ: The multitouch display also allows the DJ to pinch to zoom as well as using the browser knob.

Advantage Denon DJ: Smooth Wave form rendering allows for longer viewing sessions and faster response

Advantage Denon DJ: The Center Jog is dynamic, multi color, shows album artwork, custom artwork, Auto Loop Length, track position and other heads up info DJs need. 

Advantage Denon DJ: The RGB LEDs allow the DJ to customize their appearance and also allow colors for different modes. These color options travel with the DJ via User Profile so ever the DJ plugs in, the units will change to the desired color.

Advantage Denon DJ: SC5000 has 8 Hot Cues Available to play with on the performance pad section. 2000NXS2 has a total of 8 Hotcues but only 4 are available at a time.
Advantage Denon DJ: Cutting loops with quantization allows the DJ to not need to overthink in and out points and play music confidently.
Rp 29.000.000,-

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Dave Komputer
SMS / Whatsapp : 089601316130
Pin BB : DC4E69BC
Line : @davekomputer
Mangga Dua Square lt. 1 blok C/098

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